HiRISEAI Poster Exhibit on the View at the Clark County Library Art Gallery

RSL on Mars

The HiRISEAI posters presented at the Clark County Library Art Gallery reveal how attractive the Martian landscapes are. Imagine that little telescope camera flying above the Mars surface day and night and in the meantime sending back to us all those beautiful images of Martian landscapes! These HiRISE images are themselves works of art.

However, not all the images presented here are real; and some of them are synthetic images generated by StyleGAN. Among all the collages, there’s only one which is made of all synthetic images. All the anaglyphs are real and in some 12-image ollages, only one image is synthetic. As you could tell, we’ve been focusing on Martian craters, sand dunes, and Recurring Slpe Lineae (RSL). We hope you will enjoy them all.

The HiRISEAI posters will be on exhibit at the Clark County Libary Art Gallery from March 1, 2022 through May 8, 2022. Although we have so many images from Mars, it is only through a handful of meteorites from Mars found on Earth that we have our only direct contact with the Mars.