Webinar: Shergottites and Their Element Maps

Nova77 Webinar Series 2022

Title: Shergottites and Their Element Maps
Time: Fri, March 11, 4-5pm PST
Speaker: Anthony Love (Appalachian State University)


Anthony Love joined the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, Appalachian State University in 1999 and provides invaluable technical help to faculty and students, provides public school lectures and laboratory instruction, and performs a diverse array of services in support of instruction and research. Anthony is an ardent rock climber and works closely with a number of local climbing groups. He won the Access Fund’s Bebie Leadership Award in 2010 and the College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Staff Award in 2017. His scientific passion involves classifying meteorites, and his work with different types of meteorites has been showcased in Appalachian’s news.

Audience: children 6-99
Moderator: Ping Wang
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